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Ellen Perry's Journey

Ellen's books are designed to be used as a learning tool for people living with intellectual/developmental disabilities. They serve as guides for living beyond the original family home or group home. Ellen's goal is to provide information in terms that can be understood, learned and used to point anyone wishing to live independently, toward a better life. Ellen has also recently developed a line of cook books



Book One: Self-Determination

In her first book, Ellen explains that self-determination means that one should be able to live, work, play, retire, and die in the community of one's choice, with dignity.

Book Two: Leadership

In this book, Ellen explains how to become a leader.

Book Three: How to Start a Self-Advocacy Group

This book explains how one can start a self-advocacy group within their own community. 

Book Four: Learning Friendship

This book explains the importance of friends and guides readers through the process of making and keeping friends.

Book Five: Learning Volunteering

This book explains the importance of community involvement through volunteering. It explains what volunteering is and gives suggestions for getting started.

Book Six: Finding the Staff of your Dreams

This book guides individuals through finding staff who are compatible with one's wants, needs, and personality.

Book Seven: What is an Emergency?

Ellen's seventh book explains what an emergency is, and how individuals can keep themselves safe from hazards.

Book Eight: Learning How to Be Assertive

This book explains the importance of being assertive and helps readers practice communicating their thoughts in a way that is both effective and respectful. 

Book Nine: Getting Ready to Cook

In this book, Ellen describes the steps an individual needs to take before cooking their first meal. For example, they will need to clean the surfaces and buy ingredients. 

Book Ten: Cooking Safety

This book details how to avoid injury in the kitchen. It explains the "do's" and "do not's" of cooking.

Book Eleven: Learning How to Cook Easy Breakfast

This book shows how to prepare very simple breakfasts, such as cereal and milk.

Book Twelve: Learning How to Cook Easy Lunch

This book shows how to cook very simple lunches, such as PB&J.

Book Thirteen: Learning How to Cook Easy Dinner

This book shows how to cook very simple dinners, such as canned spaghetti or baked beans.